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Aesthetics & Body Co. is dedicated to providing safe and effective solutions to help you feel and look good in your face and body. We specialize in a variety of non-invasive body contouring techniques, stretch mark and scar treatments, and facials that address a variety of skin concerns.

AFTER CARE & GETTING READY FOR YOUR TREATMENT Bruising typically takes 48 hours to disappear but can take up to 2 weeks in some cases. We recommend you drink a minimum 2 litres of water. Water and ...

Radio Frequency (RF) technology is a non- ablative facial and body treatment services that is used to stimulate the dermis of skin. This process stimulates the skin for the formation of new collage...

At Aesthetics & Body Co. we offer 6 different types of treatments, all of them focus on liquifying fat to pass through the lymphatic system to exit your body for longer lasting results.CoolSculptin...

Drink a minimum of 2 litre of water per day. Stay away from bad fats, high sodium. Intake and refined sugar.Be active, regardless of what it is (walks, gym, yoga, Pilates, boxing ….) anything to ge...

– Saturated fats– Processed food– Artificial sweeteners– Alcohol– Sugary soft drinks– Diary– Refined sugar– Soy– Table salt– High sodium foods– High caffeine intake (need to balance caffeine to wat...

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